Building Facade Ordinance serving property owners needing to complying with local city facade ordinances.

Building Facade Ordinance Inspection & Documentation Photography

Since the enactment of building facade inspection legislation in nine American cities property owners now need a low cost method to periodically and pro-actively identify unsafe facade conditions. Peaks View's building facade inspection photography allows you to comply with local city ordinances by providing a low-cost solution that creates a permanent record for documenting your facades condition. This photographic record will allow your architect or engineering firm to analyze, assess and plan building repairs and maintenance.

Peaks View's photographic method is "hands-off" and has zero physical impact or intrusion on the building in contrast to conventional inspection means such as vertical rope access or swing stage scaffolding. In most cases the area surrounding the building such as sidewalks or roadways will not need to cordoned off. This eliminates the need for expensive wavers with the addition of time consuming city approval process.

Peaks View has performed photographic facade documentation for governmental and non-governmental organizations and business since 2006. Rest assured that your job will be completed on-time and on-budget. Contact us to discuss your building facade documentation needs.

MO state capitol building facade inspection photography sample...

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MO State Capitol East Elevation
Benefits Facade Inspect Photography:
  • Low cost hands-off solution
  • Facade photographs provide indisputable permanent record
  • Facade photographs provide reference for architect, engineers & subcontractors
  • Facade photographs can be annotate with repair work instructions
  • Desk-top accessible with web based point and click interface
Services Offered:
  • Free no obligation estimate (request a FREE quote)
  • Complete facade documentation with high resolution photos
  • Images mapped to building elevation drawings
  • Web integration: facade photographs documentation viewable on LAN
Local Building Facade Inspection Ordinance References:
  • Boston, MA - Inspection of Exterior Walls and Appurtenances: Ordinance 9.9-12
  • Chicago, IL - Maintenance of Exterior Walls: Sections 13-196-031 thru 039
  • Columbus, OH - Exterior Walls and Appurtenant Structure: Ordinance 1296-85
  • Detroit, MI - Inspection and Certification of Cornices: Ordinance 15-88
  • Milwaukee, WI - Facade Inspection: Ordinance CH 275
  • New York, NY - Inspection of Exterior Walls and Appurtenance: Law 11 of 1998
  • Philadelphia, PA - Periodic Inspection of Exterior Wall: PM-304.10
  • Pittsburgh, PA - See Property Maintenance Code
  • St. Louis, MO - See Property Maintenance Code St. Louis Building Division

Building Facade Inspections
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